Sunday, August 2, 2015

Northwoods Life | 1977 Airstream Argosy Before

As promised here are more photos of our new vintage 1977 Airstream Argosy! As much as we actually love the (inside) condition in which we purchased it, we do have a bit of a different vision for it so before we slowly start renovations (which we began to dig into this weekend!) I wanted to show some "before" photos.

Some insight into what our future plans are for the inner design include: removing the original (and boring) vinyl textured wallpaper, new floors, new countertops, fresh upholstery and update the cabinetry. I do have to admit I LOVE the yellow bathroom so that will be staying for sure as most vintage bathrooms are a sad beige color so we got very lucky with this one!

Why hello!

Another thing that we found out in our research was that after pulling up a bit of the flooring we came to find that we actually have an aluminum floor base which is AWESOME because the likeliness of floor rot to repair has significantly went down. Oddly enough the inside of our Argosy in it's currant state reflects so many elements of our home from the colors to the black and white floor. Like I mentioned though we do like it we just have such a different vision for it so we can't wait to get started on making some of these changes!

I just can't get over how much I love the yellow bathroom... don't you love it too!?

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Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Northwoods Life | We Bought An Airstream

Sorry for being MIA in the blogging world for awhile but with summer, beer festivals and wedding photography season taking hold life has been anything but dull here in the Northwoods!

Our big exciting news however is that over the weekend after years and years of lusting after various campers and having a bad case of wonderlust we bought an Airstream! Without further ado, introducing our vintage 1977 Airstream Argosy Minuet! 

After scouring the internet for countless hours/days/weeks/years we finally found the one that was perfect for our tastes and our budget. The Airstream we found was located in Indianapolis, Indiana which is about a 9hr drive from northern Wisconsin for us but we love road trips so we didn't mind! To our knowledge I believe we are the 4th owners by way of Texas to Indiana and now to Wisconsin (though I need to do a bit more research to be sure).

For those of you who don't know Airstream Argosies (or simply Argosy) were manufactured as a division of Airstream from 1974-1979 as a Class A motorhome using part aluminum, part galvanized steel, hence the painted look they typically have to prevent rusting. For a long time I wasn't a fan of the Argosy but it slowly grew on my, especially because of how creative one can get with the painting of the exterior. 

To say this has been a dream of ours is an understatement, in fact there was even a point in time we contemplated purchasing an Airstream to live in full time rather than a home... thats how much we have wanted this. I can't wait to share our renovations and travels with you in the future!!!

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Turntable Tuesday | Black Keys, Magic Potion

Ever since I got to see the Black Keys by a stroke of luck (and an awesome friend, thanks Lori!) back in the spring of 2012 in Milwaukee I have been pretty much in love with their music. We have been slowly collecting their albums whenever we can. 

Magic Potion has some of my most favorite songs Your Touch & You're the One. I just love the feel of this album... raw, gritty and the blues really come through, just like you would expect.  The songs are just so fitting yet amazing for something that was produced using subpar equipment in the basement of the band's drummer Patrick Carney.  

All of the songs this awesome LP are all written and composed for the Black Keys by the Black Keys (a first in the band's history at the time). Overall if you haven't given Magic Potion a listen I highly recommend it!

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thirsty Thursday | Double Disco, Stillmank Brewing

This week we have another awesome Green Bay, Wisconsin brewery that we are featuring that we are again proud to say are our friends... Stillmank Brewery! Every since they came out with their first beer, Wisco Disco, we have been loving their offerings. From the Bee's Knees to (probably the best coffee porter I have ever had) Perky Porter, you simply can't go wrong with a Stillmank beer!

A6 little over a month ago they celebrated their 1st anniversary of the purchasing of their current building in Green Bay and with that they created a limited release beer... Double Disco! Since sadly we were not able to attend the party (which looked like a blast!) I was happy to find a bottle of the Double Disco in the market that we could enjoy at home. 

Double Disco is an awesome Imperial Pale Ale that is nicely hoped yet a touch malty... a perfect balance and highly drinkable, even at the 8% ABV. I am pretty bummed that I only picked up one because since this was a limited release I am sure the next time I am in the Green Bay area I won't find it again, but at least I know I will be able to find many other beers from Stillmank we love! 

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Turntable Tuesday | Interpol, Antics

There are really not that many bands that I would say that I really love. I would say that I am almost the same way with people... I have many people in my life that I like, that I consider friends but few that are in that inner circle if you know what I mean. I have the same relationship with music and bands. Many I really like but few that I really love. The band Interpol is one of the few I really love... like as in one of the few I really want to see in concert (and immensely regret not being able to get tickets to their Milwaukee show this past November but sometimes that's just life).

When Antics came out in 2004 it really was the album that not only introduced me to Interpol but made me fall in love with this band. The song Slow Hands may have been a bit over played on alternative radio at the time but it still is the song that I can't get enough of and probably never will! That said there are SO many good songs on this album from Next Exit, Evil, Not Even Jail and C'mere. So few records I can listen to all of the way through and like all of the songs but this is one of them! I think another reason this album is one I love as it reminds me of the time in my life while I was living in Chicagoland and my husband and I (who was my boyfriend at the time) had just moved in together.... so lots of good feels and memories are associated with this music, never a bad thing! 

It seems as though I wasn't the only who had a love for Interpol's Antics as it was named to countless top 50 albums for 2004 including everyone from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone to Spin. With a very alternative rock meets slightly post punk with a touch of mystery yet up lifting feel you simply can't listen to this album without smiling, even if it is just a little bit. When I found this record i was very excited so if you haven't given Interpol a listen put it on your to-do list today!

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thirsty Thursday | Green Chop, Badger State Brewing

In honor of not only American Craft Beer Week but also Green Bay, WI's first ever Green Bay Beer Week we are drinking some beer from our friends at Badger State Brewing and when I say friends I really mean it! 

Working in the beer business means we get to meet lots of great people that are equally as passionate about craft beer beer! I have poured at several beer festivals over the past year and a half with Badger State Brewing and not only are they the nicest bunch of guys but they make some awesome beer. Recently we were able to visit their gorgeous tap room just a few blocks from Lambeau Field and they have also started canning so we can bring their tasty brews home with us!

Currently they are canning three items and the Green Chop Session IPA is one of them! The package for this is perfect ... bright, green, fresh, just hoppy enough and very drinkable! At a mild 4.8% ABV it is exactly like a session IPA should be, which I love. I just can't say enough about this new brewery and simply can't wait to see what they will be coming out with next. Whether you are in Green Bay for a Packers game or just passing through don't pass this brewery by... stop by and have a beer today!

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Turntable Tuesday | Into the Wild Soundtrack

I am not sure about you but there really isn't anything like a great movie that also has a great soundtrack. To be honest, Into the Wild really is the complete trifecta for me... great movie, great soundtrack AND a great book. That is pretty much the order I experienced them in as well (a little backwards I know, most people read the book before a movie including me) but I am actually quite glad I was able to take in the beauty and sadness that is real life story of Christopher McCandless in the order that I had. 

Every since this movie came out in 2007 I have been obsessed with it and the soundtrack. The movie has a such a very special place in my heart but so does the album in a very standalone way. For those of you who don't know the entire soundtrack is actually Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam's first solo album. Its got such a mellow, bright yet melancholiness and a very clear folk vibe to it that you can't help but to love it. When the soundtrack came out on vinyl a few years back my husband knew that it would be the perfect birthday gift for me... and he was right!

It's not often that I can listen to an album, let alone a soundtrack in it's entirety and absolutely love it but this one I completely do! With the movie being produced by Sean Penn he had hand picked Eddie Vedder for this project having worked with him in the past on a couple of songs for other movies like Dead Man Walking and I am Sam. The song Guaranteed from the album even won a Golden Globe in 2008. If you haven't seen the movie, heard these beautiful songs or read the book you REALLY need to today!!

Credits | Author: Krista & Photography: Fornear Photo